"I Hate And I Love" Embroidered Patch

Artikelnummer: 104417

  • 3.54” Tall (9cm)
  • Iron on
  • Embroidered Details
  • Heat Cut Edge

Complicated, conflicting feelings. Angry but tender. Pessimistic yet hopeful. Cynical yet optimistic. Antisocial but love your friends fiercely. What a whirlwind.

Kategorie: Life Club

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Life Club started due to an awesome few moments of coincidence that quite literally changed both mine and Russell's (my partner) lives; I'd seen a toy bear for sale online as a part of a fundraising effort for a local animal sanctuary. The little bear had been rescued from landfill, cleaned up and then had a mini banner stitched to it's paws that read "HUMANS ARE IDIOTS". I was utterly smitten, and after a few weeks of it sitting on my desk staring at me, I decided to make the phrase into my very first pin.

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